Happy Birthday America


Happy 4th of July!  Or, as my son likes to put it : Happy Birthday to America!

He picked out the picture.

This has always been my favorite holiday because it takes place in my favorite month, during my favorite season.

Not to mention the day honors my favorite place, my home, where I have grown up and lived pretty much my whole life.

What’s great is that the entire country starts celebrating a week in advance.  

And I love celebrating.

Enjoy the fireworks, everyone!


When you’re sick or upset, you want your surroundings to match your mood. 

 Right now I feel like giving the sun the finger.  I want it to rain and thunderstorm. 

Looks like there might be a slight chance. 


It’s the first time I’ve ever mourned for a TV character. 

Behold the power of the television.  It can affect your brain long after you’ve hit the power button. 

Do yourself a favor and don’t ever watch the last episode of your favorite show when you’re home alone and no one is there to cheer you up. 

 It’s just sad. 

I felt something similar after the last scene of Brokeback Mountain

RIP Shano.