Be human

Guilty of being human.

Of falling and falling again.

Of rising only to the occasion.

Of dalliances with sin.

Expect from me not

reins of hold.

Purity of gold.

Check of imagination.

Statements bold.

I only want to feel.

The wind in my hair.

Laugh loud.

Walk bare.

To love freely.

To want deeply.


Chain not what is there,


Fight not, 

 nor hide.

What false claims they say.

That this be the godly way.

What of that mercy.

To tighten strings bound.

To see only error.

To hear only the prayer sound.

The stallion rogue.

Of desire on hold.

Of life unchased.

That is divine placed.

Not chains. 

Lose, live not encased.

That’s not the lord.

It’s the people.

Filthy of soul.

Double of face.

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